Goals for 2021


Get Healthie to (redacted)MM in ARR

We had a strong year in 2020, and are looking to improve on that in 2021. I am confident that the opportunities and plans we tee’d up in 2020 will get us there in the new year.

Maintain Healthie’s profitability in 2021

As I mentioned last year, being a (cash-flow) profitable company lets us control our destiny, and build the company we want to build. Now that we have a history of turning a profit, we should maintain that, barring any large new growth channels that prove worth pouring a ton of money upfront in to.

Make API product a meaningful part of Healthie’s business

In order to enable our own practice management software (and its features like scheduling, video chat, payments, etc), we have had to build some very cool back end tech in-house. In 2021, we want to to make that available to other companies as an API product. A lot of work has already been done. Goal is to launch in January, and reach (redacted) in MRR by the end of 2021.

Write and share my thoughts more regularly

In 2020, I started blogging somewhat actively, publishing 13 posts (versus 0 in 2019). I also was quoted in a couple of third-party articles, and tweeter more frequently. I want to build on that by publishing two blog posts a month, and tweeting more, with a goal of 100 newsletter sign-ups (up from 9), and 1000 Twitter followers (up from 180)


Work out 4 times a week

This is a carry-over goal from 2020. I failed miserably. Easy to blame on COVID, but, with greater self-control, is definitely something I could have accomplished. When I work out regularly, I sleep and manage stress better, and it’s definitely something I want to make a focus in 2021.

Learn to Surf

One of the benefits of COVID is that I don’t have to be in NYC in the office all year. In 2021, I want to go somewhere with good surfing for beginners, and become a competent surfer.


Read 45 books

I didn’t read a single book in 2020 until mid-April. After that, I got back into gear (thanks eBooks!) and read 31 (mostly great) books before the end of 2020. I want to keep up the consistency, and read 45 books in 2021. I read almost all non-fiction, but feel free to send any type of recommendation.

Complete a full week of New York Times crossword puzzles in a row

Crossword puzzles have been one of my consistent quarantine habits in 2020, and I’ve gotten a lot better at them. Currently, I can complete Monday through Wednesday close to 100% of the time, but struggle beyond that.  In 2021, I want to complete 7 puzzles in a row (e. Sun-Sat). I’ll count any 7 subsequent days, so the streak can start on any day of the week.

 Call/meet with 1 new person a week (outside of job, immediate family, and my SO)

Especially with COVID (but even before), it is easy for me to get tunnel vision socially. I regularly get on calls for work, and with my SO and immediate family. However, I don’t do a great job actually talking to (not just texting) the wonderful people outside of those groups. I want to get on a call (or meet up with if COVID allows) a least one new person a week. These people could be extended family, older friends, or just people I come across that seem interesting.