Cavan Klinsky

Student. Hacker. Entrepreneur.

I'm a student from New York who loves programming, sports, business, music, and where they intersect. I'm fascinated by wearable technology. When I'm not studying or working, I'm busy dreaming up project ideas, picking heavy things up, listening to music loudly, and eating sushi.

I've worked on a lot of great things. Here's a sample.

The First Do Engine
- Grand prize winner at HackTrin2014
- Featured on Elite Daily
- Built with AngularJS, HTML, CSS, and Go

Plain Text Offenders Alert

Helps Protect You Against Vulnerable Sites
- Hundreds of users and 4.5 star rating on Chrome Store
- Uses list of insecure sites from PlainTextOffenders
- Built with jQuery, HTML, and CSS


Make Reading Fun for Your Child
- Gamifies reading with points, levels, and prizes
- Uses Google Books API to let users track any book
- Built with Ruby on Rails, jQuery, HTML, and CSS

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